Asia Foods Co., Ltd. was established at nearly 30  years   ago   and   begin  the  investments  in Mainland  China  since  1987.  Asia understood that   the   safety   of   the   foods   is   the  basic requirement of the people. Our employees stick to  the  principle  of    focusing  on  customers, improving the management system continuously, providing  safe   and  healthy   products   which adhering  to  laws  and  regulations,  taking the production  process  seriously  and  control  the quality strictly.
   In order to ensure the safety and healthiness of exported food, the company led the way  in  extensive  low   pesticide  residue.    farming  We  purchased  the  UV - 120 spectrophotometers  from  Shimadzu  (  Japan )  in 1992  to perform  quick pesticide residue  testing  on  raw  materials.  To  ensure  the  testing  capability could meet the requirement   of  international  market,  we  imported  to  Zhangzhou  city  the  world advanced HP-489D gas chromatograph from U.S.A. in May 1999. Due to the trade technical  barrier  of  Japan ,  to  improve  the  testing capability and inspection items, under  the  guidance  of   Zhangzhou  Inspection  and  Quarantine  Bureau,   we  also imported   from  U.S.A.  the  agilent-6890N  gas.  In  1997 we got the ISO9002-94 Certificate of  Quality  Assurance without getting any problem. Furthermore, we took the   lead   in  establishing   HACCP  safety  of products on vegetables,  even  the international regulations only require  HACCP quality safety and     healthiness    management   system    on exported  aquatic  products,  became  the  first company  in  Fujian  Province  to  passed   the HACCP  verification  of  frozen  vegetables on December 1, 2000.  With the hard working of our  stuffs,   the  company   got   the  Japanese JONA  verification  of  organic  spring  bamboo  shoots  in  2001. We received high remarks from various customers, and favorable comments from the Zhangzhou Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.
    To  provide  safe  and healthy products, and to ensure it is in full accordance with ISO 9000  and  HACCP  quality  assurance system,  we  are strictly controlling and managing  the  whole  production  process.  Everyday,  the  employees arrive before working  hour  under  the  supervision  of  the  Production Dept. they all change into clean smocks, and queue through the dust-removing  and sterilizing entrance entry to the  workshops.    Before  the  raw   materials  transporting   to  the  workshops  for processing,  its  must  be  inspected  at  the raw materials checking fields, confirming


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