The  company  has  established  a  special-purpose  laboratory  with advanced equipments and  complete  testing  and  detecting capability. The   laboratory's   testing   items   is   including pesticide  residue  test,  microbiology  test,  salt content  test,  sugar  content test, PH value test. The pesticide residue test consisting of 30 items in  total,  including  organic  phosphate,  organic

salt, pyrethroid, carbamate. The microbiology major testing items and guidelines are:
        Aecobic plate count < 1×100000
        Coliform count < 5×10
        E. Coli Negative
        Staphy lococcus aureus Negative
        Salmonella Negative
        Listeria Negative
  Each batch of exported products is tested by   The  Quality  Assurance   Dept  of  the company.        The   microbiology   test   is performed  on  semi-finished   and  finished products.    For  pesticide  residue,   semi-product testing is tested base on the source of raw materials. 3-5days before harvesting the staff of the  quality assurance Dept goes to the fields  collects the samples for testing. The finished products testing is tested batch by batch. base on each client request.
  all  staffs  in  the  laboratory  are  qualified  and  well  trained. In order to improve the capability, the company send the laboratory's staffs to attend the training which held by The Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, or by Japanese  experts,  or  by  Oceanography  & Environment   Center  of  Xiamen  University. During  the  constant  learning,  the  staffs  of laboratory  were  also  actively  collecting the relevant    data    consulting   and   integrating domestic   and   international  standards,   we Therefore could improve the testing accuracy, reduce  the  testing  time,   and  meet  various customers' testing requirements.

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