Nowadays, as the living standard of people all  over  the  world  is  constantly improving, the  safety   and   the   healthiness   of   foods are  becoming more concerned.  As a result,  the  problem  of  pesticide  residue  has been brought into people's schedule. As a modern foods  enterprise , To  assure  the  safety  of  the   products , all  raw materials  be  strictly inspected from the beginning furthermore,the using of  pesticides be  strictly controlled, so that it lays a good foundation for the safety of the products.
    For  the  farming  fields  management,  we choose  the  fields  with  no  pollution of  rich soil and   ample  water  source  which  could  be   widely   linked    and   convenience   of transportation.We keep the records of these farming fields,  implement the  scientific trace back management system and  low pesticide farming management.To control the pesticide usage,  isolation  planting  is  adopted  on the borders  of  the  surrounding  fields  of  other crops. When it is necessary to use pesticide on the farming fields against the particular plant diseases or insect pests, we get the pesticide which is specified by our company from  the  designated  pesticide  store  shop ,  apply  the  pesticide  by  following  our company rules then, keep a record.. To ensure the pesticide residue is under satisfied standard level,  the safe interval period has to be obeyed strictly.  Therefore, 3-5days before harvesting, t he sample of  raw materials  is collected for testing  then,  the raw materials which is safe from pesticide residue is transported to the workshop for further processing.
   We take sufficient precautions, through various means such as seminars, informal meetings, phone calls and fax, etc.,linking theory to practice,summing up our experiences, deepening   the  reforms  to  keep  improving   ourselves towards a bright future.


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