Asia Foods (Longhai) Co., Ltd. is a private company fully invested and owned by a Hong Kong company and was established in 1987. The core of business is to produce and process fruits, vegetables, aquatic products, pickled food, seasonings and frozen cooked wheaten food. Our main handling items are Soy Beans Edamame, Pea Pod, Green Beans, Bamboo Shoot, Water Chestnut, etc.
    Our  company  occupies  20,114  square  meters in total,  of which 14,600 square meters are for the workshops. There are currently three production lines with an annual production capacity of 12,000  tons.  The freezing capacity is 9-10 tons/hour, with   a   maximum   of  11  tons/hour,   and the refrigerator  capacity  is 3,000-3,500 tons. The main   facilities   are   including   3  AERO  IQF (  Individual  Quick   Freezer  ) ,    3  ISHIDA  Auto Packaging machine,   3 ISHIDA  Metal  Detectors ,   4  NIKKA  Metal  Detectors ,  2 Anritsu Metal Detectors, etc.
       As   a   food  producing   and   processing enterprise,  our company is registered with and certified  by the Chinese government.  Our products are  mainly  sold to  Japan ,  U.S.A. and Europe .  We  obtained  the certification  of quality assurance  ISO9002 on June 1997  and we  are the  first company in Fujian Province that certified by HACCP for quick-frozen  vegetables in December 2000,  we certified by  JONA (Japan Organic & Natural Association) of our Organic were shoots in 2001.  We also joined the Sub-Chamber of Vegetables of CFNA (China Chamber of Commerce for  Import  and  Export of Foodstuffs,  Native Produce & Animal By-Products) and became a Council Member of this Sub-Chamber since September 2002.
        Rooted   on   the   past   and   looking   to  future development, based on the  principles of “focusing on customers, continuously improving the  management  system ,  providing  safe  and healthy  products  while  adhering  to  laws and regulations. Let us uphold the traditions and carry on  its  virtues  to  create  a wonderful future.

Company Address: Dankeng, Haicheng Town, Longhai City, Fujian , P.R. China
Office phones: 0086-596-6566394, 6566395 6566456
South&Central china Reqion Head office: 0086-596-6566072, 6566082
Fax: 0086-596-6566159

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